Pragmatic Enterprise Family of Frameworks

It is with great pleasure that Pragmatic EA Ltd announces the introduction of the Pragmatic Enterprise Family of Frameworks.(

All “frameworks” operate within a domain, and within any domain there are many frameworks (Pragmatic is currently tracking over 800 “Frameworks”) with differing Shapes, Sizes, Scope, Completeness, Depth, Geography, Industry, Maturity, etc.

Many “Frameworks” have grown organically and expanded their scope and areas of interest as they themselves have matured. How successful frameworks have been in morphing themselves into areas they were never designed to operate in is largely subjective, and opinion tends to be driven by allegiances and crusades.

Because of this, there are overlaps, gaps, inconsistencies and clashes. In short, total confusion. Consequently people have adopted these frameworks in a largely haphazard fashion, trying to optimise specific parts but never considering the whole. Perhaps starting in one area and then finding themselves being subtly pulled into other areas.

The Pragmatic Enterprise Family of Frameworks image001, provides a coherent context for all frameworks related to Enterprises, defining common things that need to be consistent between them and providing an overarching structure for them all to be able to coexist and work together for the benefit of the whole of the Enterprise.

The Pragmatic Enterprise Family consists of:-

image002 The Pragmatic Enterprise Direction Framework
image003 The Pragmatic Enterprise Transformation Framework
image004 The Pragmatic Enterprise Operation Framework
image005 The Pragmatic Enterprise Support Framework


image003 covers the domain of Transformation and is where  image006fits.

As part of this, Pragmatic has launched the collection and collation of all “Frameworks” related to enterprises

If you would like to take part, please submit updates or create new entries using the links on the page above.

We are only at the beginning of this momentous task but we expect that this work will prove to be extremely beneficial to all End-User Organisations and Government bodies worldwide and also to framework providers.

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